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Coaching offers an opportunity for getting to know yourself better, to sharpen your awareness and have better access to core emotions and body sensations. It is useful to learn to understand patterns which no longer serve you and how to eliminate them. The goal of coaching is to open the door to a higher level of consciousness as an individual and to elevate the state of being. It eases the path and allows people to feel more joy, bliss and purpose in life.

Each crisis in life has the potential of a new beginning. We start with a clarity session in which we are getting to know each other and where we find out what needs you have, what is the most important issue at this moment in time and what needs to be looked at in more detail. Together we define what the next steps are, what expectations you have and what your goals in taking these steps are.

I work process and solution oriented as well as with a wholistic and systemic approach. I support you in your personal development, your transformation and decision processes. Together we are looking at your strengths and resources in all your life areas, namely your mental, physical, social, spiritual, time and spacial dimensions.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Claudia Kälin