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Leadership sessions and workshops

Leadership sessions and workshops

Women’s Circle – Workshops

«Die vier Jahreszeiten in uns» (These four workshops run in German)

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45' In-company sessions


  • Leadership – what does that mean?
  • Are you still a manager or already a leader?
  • Awareness at work
  • Other subjects on individual company’s demand

In-Company workshops half or full days


  • Awareness at work for leaders and peers
  • Leadership versus Management – what does that mean for an entrepreneur?
  • Team development with benevolence
  • Team building events in cooperation with my external partners

Time away from everyday life

  • 2-days time-out as a couple - away from the daily routines
  • 2.5-days time-out for women – time only for me
  • 3 days digital detox with silent time (no speaking, no communication) for individuals in a small group, max. 10 people