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About me

About me

My life is not a picture-perfect story and challenged me again and again to find creative solutions and new possibilities in order to overcome obstacles on my path and I am grateful for all of it, the good and the bad.

Intensive self-work and self-discovery and coming to closure with my family history has helped me to practice forgiveness and to accept my needs and to nurture my inner child. My life’s experience as a wife, mother of two adult children, sister, daughter, leader, counselor, coach and world traveler to exotic places with many cultural differences allows me to be empathetic and have an understanding for my clients.

I personally discovered that there is a lot of creative force in nature which nurtures and inspires me and at the same time makes me feel grounded. For this reason, I sometimes work outdoors with my clients, be it on a walk, sitting on a bench by the water or going on a small hike up into the hills and forests, whatever is needed at the moment of coaching and according to my clients wishes.

It is my deepest desire and my life's purpose to support and elevate my clients in an honest, creative and elevating way. To ignite thinking processes in them which lead them to discover inner gifts and to find and speak their own truth as well as to take ownership of their life journey.

Path of becoming a Life- and Relationship Coach

2019 Psychological Counselor for individuals, couples and families, IKP, Zirich
2018 Life Coach, Robbins-Madanes Training, San Diego USA
2016 Certificate in Leadership ZHAW, Zurich
2011 Certified Permaculture Practioner by Sepp Holzer
2008 Systemic and wholistic Coach and Communicator, plano alto, St. Gallen
2006 Adults Trainer and Coach, Academy for adults training AEB, Luzern
2003 Certificate for English language teaching to adults CELTA, Cambridge University, England
1995 Degree in International Studies and Relationships, Butler University, Indianapolis USA


Claudia helped me analyze and find solutions in a very difficult life situation through 1:1 coaching. Her tremendous empathy allows her to immediately understand the emotional state of her coachee. What impressed me personally was the fact that, even though our sessions were online, she was able to create an emotional closeness and understanding over this distance. Claudia helped me discover and find closure with issues in my life which I had so far never been able to solve. I can highly recommend her anytime. Otto L. - Germany

Three months ago, I started coaching with Claudia. I was at a crossroads and I felt very depressed. Also, my relationship with my husband and with my children suffered, especially with my son in puberty. Through her coaching I found a way back to a positive way of thinking and to learn how to provide self-love and self-respect, something I hadn’t felt for a long time. You have a wonderful and empathic way of working through very delicate subjects and showed me ways to deal with my situation I didn’t even know was possible before. I also was not aware of how much impact some of my ways of looking at things had in my life before coaching. I learnt how to trust my inner voice, to accept myself and not to have these feelings of guilt anymore. The relationship with my husband and my children has taken on a completely different level and I enjoy life so much more now. Thank you so much, dear Claudia, you showed me my most valuable gift in life, self-love. All the best for you and your life as a transformation and life coach! Nicole R. – Germany

Claudia’s empathetic and warm character as well as her way of asking questions are ingenious. Within a very short time I learnt a lot about my behavior and what impact it has on my own and other people’s lives. I was able to undergo some really important transformations and I now don’t feel so overwhelmed and powerless anymore. She helped me a lot in learning how to deal with my life situation and how to look into the future in a positive way. Reinhard B. – Italy

Claudia supported and helped me over a longer period of time in my life which was unnerving and difficult to deal with. I appreciate her having me taken by the hand and that she showed me new ways of how to look at and deal with my challenging situation. I can recommend her anytime as a life coach and counselor. Patricia K. – Switzerland

In terms of life- and transformational coaching Claudia Kälin is absolutely a natural talent. Her empathy is incredible and I felt at ease and understood by her from the first moment on. Her precise questions about my emotional states let me reflect the situation. In each session the search for constructive solutions has been very successful and after her coaching I usually feel as if I have grown a few centimeters. Her 1 on 1 coaching is absolutely recommendable! Anna v. S. - Switzerland